Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Why Would They Censor My Movie, KYRIE?

Why Would They Censor My Movie, KYRIE?

I suspect the reason my movie has been completely ignored, is that it is a story based on an original true story.  Such as the killer, "Antun Silo," in my movie, Kyrie, is based on a real person who I have suspected has been my "handler" since 2005, when I was introduced to him through another "handler," who I was introduced to by my very first "handler,"  in 2000. You could say that I have been handled very well. I thought the guy was trying to kill me, and might have killed others, so I wrote a story around it. Now, I don't believe that at all. This guy never killed anyone. he just wanted me to think he might have killed people. No, this prick was my handler. The most dangerous one. 

So, you say to yourself, Ah, "you're just being Paranoid." Oh, really? Well, I further suspect that the entire cast of characters is made up of informants, handlers, agents, and rebel rousers. Not one member of the cast has promoted my movie, as it is their movie as well. Isn't it? Wouldn't they have told their boyfriends and girlfriends, and family? Why? Why?!?  Because it is too sensational, A Cover-Up and a Full Blown Conspiracy - and it Blows It All Sky High - Like a Jigsaw puzzle. There's a song called 'Sky High' by the 70's band JIGSAW. A great line in the song is Totally apropo here. "You Blown It All Sky High."  Try typing "Raub Vs. Iannacchino" in Google. Remember my last article, (PIO)? :)

You see, for their plan to work they must completely censor, isolate the subject, meaning me. They must economically destroy the subject, cripple him, meaning me. This is where Corporate lends a helping hand. And it is done in a 'Gestalt' kind of way. We just filed our taxes for 2013. We made an excellent income for the year - If it was 1973.

Here is a deleted scene from my self-produced movie, KYRIE. 'Paranoid Much?' This scene is a true account creation of actual events as they unfolded in Glen Cove, NY.

Frustation evident as seen on my FB post some days ago.

By the way, I put this post up a good hour ago, and promoted it somewhat. The Youtube counter is still at 23! LOL :)

Oh, and most likely this post is being 'censored' as well. And I know how these things go. I've seen the movies. Something will happen to me. Maybe a 'heart attack,' or a 'stroke,' or something else. I'm cool with that. I can roll with the punches. They'll show you 'kooky' videos of me in 'supermarkets,' and 'gasLight stations,' But, I want everyone to understand and realize, that this is MY WAY To PROTEST  in a Civil Disobedient way. The men I admire most are people who stood for peace. Such as; John Lennon, Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy, Ghandi, as They Are My Heroes. What was done to me can best be described in military jargon as The Grand Strategy.  If you don't know what that is, look it up.  I think JFK 'witness' David Ferrie, said it best. "It's a mystery wrapped in a riddle inside an enigma!"