Monday, March 10, 2014

(PIO) Psychological Internet Operations - Designed Not To Enlighten But To Fuck You Up

One of a multitude of harassment campaigns that I have been on the receiving end: (PIO) 
No, Not this Pio, as in Padre Pio.

(PIO) Psychological Internet Operations
Here is an example of (PIO) being implemented:
I posted this message earlier today on my Facebook page, Rocco Michael Iannacchino.
I titled it "The Crescent Beach Club." This picture was taken in 2004. I'm the guy in the red poncho.

There is a feature on Facebook that asks where the photo was taken. I wrote, "Crescent Beach, Glen Cove."

When I clicked on the Icon for "Crescent Beach, Glen Cove," to see what other photos are there, this came up.

"The Crescent Beach Club" FaceBook Page, and underneath it says,  "Crescent Beach was merged with this page (?)"

Then my screen went to a page I did not click on. HUH?

Pandodaily's page: 'Oakland emails give another glimpse into the Google Military-Surveillance-Complex'
HOLY SHIT! I then went back to "The Crescent Beach Club" FB page and it said this. "Duplicate Page Detected"

A BIG WHAT THE FUCK IS IN ORDER. So you see, these (PIO) tactics work. They get the web user to curse more frequently than he or she might normally curse. Mission Fucking Accomplished Sir!

So, I decided to give my picture a more appropriate location description. Union Square Park!

They do have a sense of humor. Albeit, a dark sense. This page below popped up out of fucking nowhere.

By the way, I coined the name, "The Crescent Beach Club," way back in 2001, so go fucking figure.
"The Crescent Beach Club," I also mention in the liner notes of my self-produced Grammy-Entry Nominated album, For A Day, Pagliacci Records & Films (2006). 1 0f 610 "Best Albums of The Year," (2006) And 1 of 200 "Best Folk Albums of The Year," (2006) For A Day album in 2013 made $11. I spent 15,000 dollars producing it. Hmmm.. I wonder why my sales were so low almost non-fucking-exsistant?

I also have an 'Oscar' under my belt for my portrayal of "Murray The Cop" in The Odd Couple (1988)

ROCCO For A Day - Help Support Poor Motherfuckers - Buy it Today!

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