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Family Claims Man is Jesus - And Has Proof!

Would you know Jesus If You Met Him?

Family members of a man named Rocco are making the claim that Rocco is Jesus. 

Rocco's wife, Tori, states that Rocco has performed 1 bonafide miracle to her that is irrefutable evidence that something supernatural is going on here.

It was the year 2008 when Tori's mother had fallen ill and had to stay at a nursing home. Upon visiting her mother with Rocco, Rocco noticed a peculiar odor, and mentioned it to his wife. Tori also smelled the odor that was by her mother. 

Sadly, Tori's mother passed away. Once again at the wake for Tori's mother, Rocco noticed the peculiar odor again and mentioned it to Tori who soon smelled the distinct aroma..

Exactly two weeks had gone by to the day that Tori's mom passed away. Both Rocco and Tori who had been laying in bed sleeping both awoke at the same time, and both smelled the peculiar odor. Tori claims that before awaking that she dreamed that her mother was holding her hand. Tori believes that her mother visited her that evening, and that her mother told her 'everything will be alright.' 

When Tori spoke to Rocco about the smell, Rocco told her that he layered the miracle in three parts. The first time was the peculiar putrid smell at the nursing home. Then the second scent was at the wake. And lastly, the confirming scent in their bedroom. The distinct smell was exactly the same all three times. Tori, at first thought her mother to be a ghost, but Rocco states that Tori's mother is an angel that was meant to appear. 

June 17 - Jesus' Real Birthday is Rocco's Birthday
According to 
Australian stargazer Dave Reneke, he used complex computer software to chart the exact positions of all celestial bodies and map the night sky as it would have appeared over the Holy Land more than 2,000 years ago.
He discovered that a bright star really did appear over Bethlehem 2,000 years ago - but pinpointed the date of Christ's birth as June 17, and not December 25. Rocco was born on June 17th, 1968.

The initials on Jesus' cross read INRI. 'RI' are the initials of Rocco's first and last name.. Rocco Iannacchino
Tori, Rocco's wife, claims that some years ago that Rocco lightly touched a drinking glass in the sink and the glass exploded into a thousand perfectly formed pieces. 

Tori: "We were eating dinner and Rocco went to the sink, and ever so gently touched a glass with the tip of his index finger. As soon as he touched the glass it exploded." 

Rocco also miraculously came upon a portrait of a woman by a famous artist known for his landscapes. How did Rocco with zero money come to own such a painting? Where did it come from? Tori tells the story that one day the portrait of this beautiful lady just appeared on their wall. The painting has been appraised, but the couple do not wish to disclose the value of the painting. Rocco goes on to say...

Rocco: "Money is no object to me.. because I have none."

Here we see a sworn statement by Rocco stating he has 'no income or assets of any kind.'

Rocco, In His Own Words:
"You know, I was thinking about all the troubles in the Middle East. Isn't most of the conflict about religion? Religion has caused more problems for the world since its inception. Don't get me wrong. there are some good aspects; such as the fellowship and values and all that. But imagine this if you will. if Jesus had been around today and decided to tell New Yorkers he was the 'Son of God,' and even did some of his best miracles, let's say, at Union Square Park; what do you think would happen to him? Jesus in all probability would of been handcuffed and arrested (NYPD calls it "AIDED") and brought to Bellevue. And let's just say for all intensive purposes, Jesus really was the 'Son of God,' do you think the 'psychiatrists' would of believed him? If I was a 'psychiatrist,' (And thank God - if he exists - I am not (just covering myself) I would ask Jesus one question to give him the benefit of the doubt and a chance to be let free.. And if he could answer it, I'd let him go free. I'd ask Jesus, "Who created God?''

Was Rocco speaking in parables when referring to his August 8, 2011, 'Free Speech' arrest at Union Square Park? That day, Rocco spoke to a diverse group of New Yorkers. The speech was political in nature. The subject dealt with 'secret governments within governments.' Rocco was arrested and spent 23 days at Bellevue that Rocco describes as a 'living mind control hell.'

Rocco went on to elaborate on the subject...

"I feel that I share a certain bond with Richard Nixon. I had just celebrated my fourth birthday on June 17, 1972. As I lay down to sleep, the Watergate Break-in went down. There are other parallels but the most intriguing (to me anyway) was when Nixon on August 8, 1974 resigned from the Presidency, I watched that speech that night, and cried. Nixon, on that night was letting go the life he had known and was entering a new life that would be the complete opposite of what he'd ever known. This happened to me as well, when on August 8, 2011, I went to NYC and gave a 'Free Speech.' The speech was political in nature dealing with a 'secret government within a government' kind of thing. To make a long story short; I knew that day, that I was resigning.. that I was leaving a life that I once knew.. I was arrested and sent for the first time in my life to an insane asylum for 23 days."

Rocco: 'I forgive them for they do not know what they do.' 

Tori also mentions that at 2 different church auctions, Rocco won the money lottery jackpot. Not once - but two times in a row. 

Rocco's new self-produced movie is a miracle unto itself. How did Rocco make an exceptionally entertaining movie having spent not a dime? This can only be described as a miracle. The name of Rocco's movie, which he wrote, directed, produced, and acted in, and even wrote the music for is called - Kyrie, which is the word in Latin for 'Lord.' 

The movie's protagonist is a demonic serial-killer. Rocco uses 'Antun,' (The Serial-killer) as a metaphor for what was to happen to Rocco (in the future) in his real life just one year after completing filming.. Rocco envisioned the future in his real life, and filmed his movie Kyrie, showing what was to come in Rocco's own real future. That a secret sinister cult that Rocco claims in the last 3 years has been harassing, torturing and has even gone as far as hatching 2 assassination attempts on his life - Because of who he is.

To give you an idea about Rocco's new movie;
In the opening scene of the Kyrie movie, we see a Franciscan monk nailed to the cross. The monk is then shot by the killer, and is soon burned on the cross.

Rocco: "That's literally me on that cross.. I used this scene as a metaphor on what was to come down the road for me in the future; As a parable, that like the actor playing the monk role in my movie, that I too, in real life would be tortured and eventually crucified."

Another scene from Rocco's movie, KYRIE, during a musical montage of Rocco's song 'For A Day' has Rocco riding his Ross Apollo 5 Speed. Rocco is in 'Rapture.'

Rocco in 'Ecstasy'


Rocco has also just released his newest self-produced album named, you guessed right: KYRIE - LORD!

Rocco has never come out and said he is 'Jesus.' However, Rocco plans on becoming an ordained minister, as soon as according to Rocco, 'I get my pay check.'

Rocco: "My ministry will be totally unique to anything else out there. It will cater to the sinners and the sad sacks of life. I want every kind of sinner you can think of. It will also cater to the poor, handicapped, homeless, the drug addicts, thieves, alcoholics.. If you're not a sinner, I don't want you. These are the people (The Sinners) in most need of God's mercy and grace."



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This Is One For The Ages

By the time August 2003 had rolled around I had just completed my first self-produced album: A Walk With Rocco. It was recognized by the Recording Academy of Music garnering Grammy-Entry-Nominations. 

My Grammy Entry-Nominations include: Best Instrumental Composition: September Sadness, Return of the Jade Idols, Best Instrumental Arrangement: September Sadness, Return of the Jade Idols, Best Pop Instrumental Performance: September Sadness, Return of the Jade Idols, Best Pop Vocal Album: A Walk with Rocco, Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalist(s): The Times Were Of Gold, Gardens of Imagination. 

I had a friend, not just my good friend, but my best friend, who at the time had always been my number one fan. He'd always promote my first CD to everyone he encountered. Well, it just so happened that a guy who claimed he worked for Billy Joel moved in next door to my friend. My friend saw this as a grand opportunity to get my music into the hands of the Piano Man himself. 

I would later find out that this guy had absolutely zero connections to Billy Joel. I basically became this guys pot dealer from 2003-2006 until he did finally move away. This guy was calling me like 3, 4 times a day. At the strangest hours. I bent over backwards to get this guy some weed. It was getting quite annoying to say the least. I wasn't even a pot dealer. Can you imagine the lengths and hurdles I had to go to get this guy pot? What a joke. I knew this guy was busting my balls, but I had to see how far he'd take it. He took it pretty far. More than I would have liked. 

In that time, I wrote of my experiences with this character, and so it was to be that I would write my first screenplay, Billy Joel's Car. The story told the true life story of being hoodwinked into believing I had a genuine friendship with Billy Joel. This dude had even gone so far as to  conjure up phony movie studio contracts. Well, pretty early on, I kind of started to be skeptical about this character. So everything that he did, I incorporated into my screenplay! 

Even though this character was a one-of-a-kind fellow, I don't hate him. In fact, if it were not for him, I would of never had my Rocco at Cedarmere (2005) concert made; which was my first official foray into filmmaking.

Rocco at Cedarmere, filmed cinema verite', at the historical home of William Cullen Bryant, goes way beyond the scope of a party leading into a fantastic once in a lifetime concert/event given by the host, Long Island's own Rocco, musician-filmmaker. With the personal candid interviews given on the spot by fans and friends, along with the captured conversations of the audience, a story begins to take shape that is both heartwarming and inspirational between Rocco and his friend and protege Mark, who also gives the performance of a lifetime.

This guy had me believing Billy Joel himself was going to show up at my concert. That's why I hired a film crew to film my CD Release Party Celebration/Concert for my second CD, For A Day. That was the whole crux of the matter. Well, as you've probably guessed, Billy Joel never showed up. How could he of? Billy had no idea I even existed. This went into my script as well. 

I was kind of pissed at the time and did sue him, but I eventually let it go. It was September 11th, 2008. Just my luck would have it that I would be given an assignment at my job that would change my life forever. I worked with the mentally-handicapped for a number of years, and my assignment on this particular day was to pick up some milk and eggs, for a cake that was going to be made later in the day at the hubsite. What is so interesting about this is that my manager told me I could only go to King Kullen for the eggs and milk. Ok, whatever.

So as fate would have it, on September 11th 2008, I was driving on Forest Avenue, and who should be standing in front of a local barber shop, than lo and behold, Billy Joel himself! Yes, The - Billy - Joel! I thought my prayers had been answered from the heavens. I yelled out from my window that I needed to talk to him. So I make an illegal U-turn, and now I'm face to face with the maestro himself. To me, the most gifted musician to have ever recorded pop music. 

I quickly told him my story about how I wrote a script around him, and how this guy played games with me. Billy was surprised to hear that I had written a script featuring him in not one - but two contrasting character acting roles. Billy graciously told me to send the script to his office in Oyster Bay. 

By this time, there was a long line of cars beeping their horns at me. I cursed them out, but before leaving, I yelled out at Billy, "God Bless You Billy!" Billy was taken aback by this. As I was pulling away, I could here Billy muttering, "God Bless You Billy? Did he just bless me?" He kind of shook his head with a smile, took a drag from his cigarette and watched in disbelief as I peeled off into the sunset.

Well, I never did hear back from Billy again. But that was just fine with me. To have had that moment with the one and only was good enough for me. I doubt he ever read my story.. 

But here's the thing. If that knucklehead I met through my best friend didn't happen, I never would have written Billy Joel's Car, my first script, or the dozen or so scripts that I've written since. 

The Billy Joel's Car script couldn't of been all that bad; because I had invested a-lot of time and effort, not to mention suffering literally: Blood, Sweat and Tears getting it to where it would eventually be optioned by a well connected upstart Hollywood movie studio. By the time of the option, February 11, 2009, (my wife's birthday I might add) I had invested well over ten thousand dollars into the craft of screenwriting. I took lessons from a seasoned professional, learned the art of writing a story, character development, character arcs, proper formatting, and so on and so forth. It was truly an experience that I will treasure 'till the end of time. There had even been a rewrite of my story by a promising aspiring writer in his own right. But, I soon became disillusioned with the whole process, and would eventually opt-out of the option - mostly for creative reasons. That's why I made my own movie, KYRIE. But that doesn't mean that I wouldn't work with these guys again, if there was an offer I just couldn't refuse. 

Nor would my critically-acclaimed Rocco at Cedarmere movie have ever been made if it hadn't been for this funny guy. One can go so far as to say that my brand new, to me, my greatest album, KYRIE and my self-produced, Albeit flawed masterpiece of a movie, Kyrie, would have never been made as well.. Profound.


In retrospect, The one thing I would have done differently, would have been in trying to keep my child shielded from the damaging effects of events that have transpired over the past few years. She suffered for my sins. My little girl suffered. My kid. Maybe I'm amazed by the fact that my wife would have stuck by me during this difficult three years. Only she knows why.. War is non-discriminating. It makes ordinary people do things they wouldn't normally do. It effects the innocent more often than not the intended target. War is Hell. 

I owe this guy. Do I dare say it? I love him. I mean.. I'm in love with him. No, jus' kiddin'! Hehe.. ;) No, really, I'm sorry I ever tried to sue him. If I could take it all back, I would in a heart beat. I'm truly sorry for everything - because I know, in my own way, I've caused this person pain. If ever for some reason, I ever did 'make it,' in the entertainment industry.. I'd find a way to help those (like this guy) who maybe I wasn't so nice to in my life. Because I truly am sorry. I really am. 

Well, that's my story. As Jack Palance would say, as the host of "Ripley's Believe It Or Not," 'Believe It... Or Not!" It's funny how this world keeps spinning around. Riding High in April.. Shot Down In May. But Come This Here July, I'm Gonna Wrap Myself Up In A Big Ball.. And Fly! MY - MY! :)

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АНБ Сноуден чудесным образом не на Лонг-Айленде

NSA осведомителей Эдвард Сноуден загадочно делает вид в неустановленном месте на Лонг-Айленде, NYUSA Сноуден, который живет в изгнании в России никак не могло бы на Лонг-Айленде, Нью-Йорк

Тем не менее, в соответствии с музыкантом-режиссера Рокко: "Билокация является чудесное способность в котором человек или объект расположен (или по-видимому, расположен) в двух различных местах, в то же время Эдвард Снегонора появляться в двух местах, в то же время является, как. чудо ".

На обеденном столе, разговор перешел на политический характер. Rocco смещается разговор к теме NSA осведомителей Эдвард Сноуден. В этот самый момент Эдвард Сноуден появился на ужин. Все присутствующие, за исключением Рокко, были в шоке и недоумении. Фотографии были сделаны, чтобы подтвердить таинственный вид Сноудена.

Сноуден не сказал ни слова. После любезно фотографировался, Сноуден, буквально шли через стену никогда не быть замеченным снова.

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NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden mysteriously makes an appearance at an undisclosed location on Long Island, N.Y. U.S.A. Snowden, who has been living in exile in Russia could not possibly have been on Long Island, N.Y. 

However, according to musician-filmmaker Rocco: "Bilocation is a miraculous ability wherein an individual or object is located (or appears to be located) in two distinct places at the same time. Edward Snowden appearing in two locations at the same time constitutes as a miracle."

At the dinner table, the conversation turned to a political nature. Rocco shifted the conversation to the topic of NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden. At that very moment Edward Snowden appeared at the supper. Everyone present, except for Rocco, were in shock and disbelief. Pictures were taken to confirm Snowden's mysterious appearance.

Snowden said not a word. After graciously posing for pictures, Snowden, literally walked through the wall never to be seen again.