Friday, March 28, 2014

a brilliant album
"An amazing CD! Very different from Rocco's first CD, which included one of my favorite songs, "Sand in My Shoes" (if only Sinatra were alive to record it!)This CD has a different vibe--more acoustic, mellower, haunting, moody, introspective. Cuts one and five are my favorites. I especially like to listen to this album late at night; it just fits the mood.
I am lucky: I heard about Rocco's music because I live on Long Island, where he has many fans. I hope the rest of the world gets to hear this. The term is overused, but Rocco possesses genius. Just listen to "Book of Days" if you don't believe me!"
The true colors shine as brightly as a man who cries at the sight of a beautiful
"Rocco seems like a really nice guy. He also seems like he would be a really romantic lover. His music, if played while gazing into the eyes of a love-struck lady, would for sure make her the instant object of his affection.
FOR A DAY, the second album from Long island's Romeo has all the appeal of the background music one would put on for a candlelit dinner, without all the new-age cheesiness. It's like a vacation in Tuscany, or a long walk on the beach, or a camp-out in the woods underneath the starry, starry sky ... you get the picture. Rocco is a romantinc, and there aren't a lot like him left in the world."
"From the first track BOOK OF DAYS, with the lovely harmonizing background chorals and subtle strings, to the slow and just plain pretty ending title track, the true colors shine as brightly as a man who cries at the sight of a beautiful sunny day. Rocco has this smooth and soul soothing voice which easily and seemlessly intermingles with jazz guitar, light percussion strings(think Elliott Smith, except less indie and less depressed). He skips along the album through spells of sadness (RAINY DAYS IN SALEM), love (THE CHAIR OUTSIDE YOUR WINDOW) and natural beauty (CRESCENT BEACH), never faltering or stopping to check his over-whelming emotions.
Rocco's lyrics are often a little cliche', but his vocals and guitar playing easily make up for it, if not distract and mesmerize, and can bring to the knees anyone who gives him an open heart."

Thursday, March 27, 2014


It does not happen often that courageous albums that so nicely touch my tastebud
It might be a non-rewarding and not so generous trait of mine, but I have developed a skepticism towards most records that are delivered via mail to my front door. This is based on a hard and ruthless empire - Twisterella has, to put it mildly, had a lot of "shitty" records and only a few have been worth listening to and even fewer have been really good. The interesting music you will have to look for yourself. This insight has been my guide for esthetic development.

One afternoon a couple of weeks ago there was a package from New York waiting for me when I came home from work. There was something there that made me react positively right away. The cover is definitely impossible to place in a certain genre which you will usually see in Twisterella's stack of mail. On the back of the cover there is a corpulent Italian-American man standing (who loves pizza according to the press release) wearing a knit sweater and very large shorts on a deserted beach with a pan flute in one hand. It's a great picture. I could make the conclusion right away that Rocco is not a pop-rock band who sees it as a "career opportunity" to be named by a web "fanzine" before ZTV and "Aftonbladet Puls" get in touch with them. Also, Rocco does not have anything in common with the old pack of generic "lofi", alternative country, post-rock or "electronica". It was very clear that Rocco represented something completely different. This "something completely different" naturally caught my eye, and when I played the record I was generously rewarded.

To give you a picture of what type of sound Rocco exhibits I want to mention something about the instrumentation: The music is built on pianos, trumpets, acoustic "bossa" guitars, waves from the ocean, theremins, pan flutes, harmonicas, drum brushes, horns, etc. The arrangements vary between more majestic Bacharach-inspired hits and more quiet instrumental pieces that reminds me of movie music. The mood level varies between happy and deeply melancholic.

They say that Rocco has been singing opera since a young age. In "Hold On" he shows his talent which is out of this world when the instruments and Rocco's soothing voice (which is an instrument in itself) work together perfectly.

"A Walk with Rocco" is not a perfect album. It does not have a great text and it has a failed cabaret theme, but during the best moments I associate this with favorite labels such as "el Records" and "Radio Khartoum" and favorite artists such as Louis Philippe, Ben Watt, and Pale Fountains (without the music feeling pastiche or plagued). I get a pleasant taste of jazz-pop and easy listening in my mouth. It does not happen often that courageous albums that so nicely touch my tastebuds are placed right in front of me without me having to look for them myself. Please send more records like this.
By Mattias Holmberg 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Beware of Tor Browser: Hacked?

Food for thought. It was about a year ago that a man who was a member of a "human rights group"  was chatting online on a weekly open forum on Talk Shoe.  The weekly chat was also a live phone in where "targeted individuals" aka "TI's" could come together to discuss their targeting.  The discussion on one particular podcast got on the subject of the Tor Browser.  I had never heard of Tor Browser before then and figured I'd give it a try.  Perfect for anonymity, I thought.

Since starting using Tor for about a year now, (I've since stopped using Tor) Well, maybe.. I discovered some interesting revelations. I was noticing that every email I sent out with Tor Browser, I wasn't ever getting a response from my recipient. But most recently, when I tried to contact a foreign embassy, my emails were bounced back to me saying "message refused" and 
"timed out."

Why would an embassy do this?  I suspect it was not the embassy but the US Government that did this. Why?  Because our government doesn't want us to freely communicate with foreign embassies especially if the one contacting them is and has been under surveillance for many many years. 

I didn't just take for granted that this was the case. I wanted to test my theory. My colleague and I took a trip to New York City. My mission was to get to the embassy that I sent the emails.  Once inside the foreign consulate I was approached by a very nice man who asked me why I had come to see them.  I told the man that I had sent emails and wondered if perhaps the embassy would refuse emails.  I was told that the embassy receives many emails and answers who they want to answer but does not "refuse emails." 

What's even more interesting to note is that when I answered a somewhat well known internet security reporter on Twitter recently, telling him in a tweet that the Tor Browser was most likely unsafe to use and it had been compromised, the reporter tweeted back, somewhat angrily, most likely half-baked, that Tor network 'was safe' and to "cite your sources."  The tweet by this reporter was quickly deleted and what I suspect to be a crude attempt at a cover up ensued.  I suspect this reporter had his friend tweet mere moments later:  "why did you delete my tweet?" The reporter tweeted back that he regularly deletes non important tweets. Alas, my "unimportant Tor was hacked" tweet and his middle of the night response also gets deleted along with his friends innocuous tweet.

I'm not sharing the Tweets between this 'reporter,' and myself, because I don't want to embarrass him.  Besides, sending a Tweet in a dark, half-lit, smoky pot filled room at 4 in the morning merits and elicits cutting some slack.
I'll cut this "internet security reporter" some more slack. Maybe the reporter read my Twitter bio after tweeting me and got "cold feet?" I'm on the Twitter "do not respond black list."

"Would like to hear a discussion by Congress about American citizens who allege to being covertly targeted by their government in unconstitutional& inhumane ways"

What I find even more disturbing than Tor Browser being possibly hacked by the government is the thought that these reporters we entrust to bring us unbiased reporting might actually be Disinfo government operatives disguised as reporters.  Who remembers Operation Mockingbird? You really think that they would stop doing it? No, it's become a main focus of strategy. Are some of these "internet security reporters" actually encouraging the use of the Tor Browser in order for the gov't to entrap Tor users for possible criminal prosecution?  A couple of thoughts to also consider: Tor Browser was created by our government.  And if anyone should know how to hack into Tor, is it a far stretch to think the creators of Tor would know?  And by the way, the "human rights group" that I received the information that Tor Browser was safe, (even though I knew of Tor years before;) I have come under the sad realization that it to is most likely a government Disinfo group.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Why Would They Censor My Movie, KYRIE?

Why Would They Censor My Movie, KYRIE?

I suspect the reason my movie has been completely ignored, is that it is a story based on an original true story.  Such as the killer, "Antun Silo," in my movie, Kyrie, is based on a real person who I have suspected has been my "handler" since 2005, when I was introduced to him through another "handler," who I was introduced to by my very first "handler,"  in 2000. You could say that I have been handled very well. I thought the guy was trying to kill me, and might have killed others, so I wrote a story around it. Now, I don't believe that at all. This guy never killed anyone. he just wanted me to think he might have killed people. No, this prick was my handler. The most dangerous one. 

So, you say to yourself, Ah, "you're just being Paranoid." Oh, really? Well, I further suspect that the entire cast of characters is made up of informants, handlers, agents, and rebel rousers. Not one member of the cast has promoted my movie, as it is their movie as well. Isn't it? Wouldn't they have told their boyfriends and girlfriends, and family? Why? Why?!?  Because it is too sensational, A Cover-Up and a Full Blown Conspiracy - and it Blows It All Sky High - Like a Jigsaw puzzle. There's a song called 'Sky High' by the 70's band JIGSAW. A great line in the song is Totally apropo here. "You Blown It All Sky High."  Try typing "Raub Vs. Iannacchino" in Google. Remember my last article, (PIO)? :)

You see, for their plan to work they must completely censor, isolate the subject, meaning me. They must economically destroy the subject, cripple him, meaning me. This is where Corporate lends a helping hand. And it is done in a 'Gestalt' kind of way. We just filed our taxes for 2013. We made an excellent income for the year - If it was 1973.

Here is a deleted scene from my self-produced movie, KYRIE. 'Paranoid Much?' This scene is a true account creation of actual events as they unfolded in Glen Cove, NY.

Frustation evident as seen on my FB post some days ago.

By the way, I put this post up a good hour ago, and promoted it somewhat. The Youtube counter is still at 23! LOL :)

Oh, and most likely this post is being 'censored' as well. And I know how these things go. I've seen the movies. Something will happen to me. Maybe a 'heart attack,' or a 'stroke,' or something else. I'm cool with that. I can roll with the punches. They'll show you 'kooky' videos of me in 'supermarkets,' and 'gasLight stations,' But, I want everyone to understand and realize, that this is MY WAY To PROTEST  in a Civil Disobedient way. The men I admire most are people who stood for peace. Such as; John Lennon, Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy, Ghandi, as They Are My Heroes. What was done to me can best be described in military jargon as The Grand Strategy.  If you don't know what that is, look it up.  I think JFK 'witness' David Ferrie, said it best. "It's a mystery wrapped in a riddle inside an enigma!"

Monday, March 10, 2014

(PIO) Psychological Internet Operations - Designed Not To Enlighten But To Fuck You Up

One of a multitude of harassment campaigns that I have been on the receiving end: (PIO) 
No, Not this Pio, as in Padre Pio.

(PIO) Psychological Internet Operations
Here is an example of (PIO) being implemented:
I posted this message earlier today on my Facebook page, Rocco Michael Iannacchino.
I titled it "The Crescent Beach Club." This picture was taken in 2004. I'm the guy in the red poncho.

There is a feature on Facebook that asks where the photo was taken. I wrote, "Crescent Beach, Glen Cove."

When I clicked on the Icon for "Crescent Beach, Glen Cove," to see what other photos are there, this came up.

"The Crescent Beach Club" FaceBook Page, and underneath it says,  "Crescent Beach was merged with this page (?)"

Then my screen went to a page I did not click on. HUH?

Pandodaily's page: 'Oakland emails give another glimpse into the Google Military-Surveillance-Complex'
HOLY SHIT! I then went back to "The Crescent Beach Club" FB page and it said this. "Duplicate Page Detected"

A BIG WHAT THE FUCK IS IN ORDER. So you see, these (PIO) tactics work. They get the web user to curse more frequently than he or she might normally curse. Mission Fucking Accomplished Sir!

So, I decided to give my picture a more appropriate location description. Union Square Park!

They do have a sense of humor. Albeit, a dark sense. This page below popped up out of fucking nowhere.

By the way, I coined the name, "The Crescent Beach Club," way back in 2001, so go fucking figure.
"The Crescent Beach Club," I also mention in the liner notes of my self-produced Grammy-Entry Nominated album, For A Day, Pagliacci Records & Films (2006). 1 0f 610 "Best Albums of The Year," (2006) And 1 of 200 "Best Folk Albums of The Year," (2006) For A Day album in 2013 made $11. I spent 15,000 dollars producing it. Hmmm.. I wonder why my sales were so low almost non-fucking-exsistant?

I also have an 'Oscar' under my belt for my portrayal of "Murray The Cop" in The Odd Couple (1988)

ROCCO For A Day - Help Support Poor Motherfuckers - Buy it Today!

   A Walk With Rocco

 KYRIE (2014)

KYRIE - The Movie (2014)

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Dear Mayor Spinello of The City of Glen Cove

Dear Mayor Spinello, 

I am returning both of my "Patriotic Citizen Awards" that I received from the City of Glen Cove, for my Patriotic Service to the community over the years; in particular, for my rendition of The National Anthem, and other patriotic songs I sang at the annual Veteran's Day, Memorial Day, Flag Day, and other City of Glen Cove sponsored events.

I make this gesture in protest to the involvement of some City of Glen Cove paid and unpaid employee's, past and present, and some citizens of The City of Glen Cove that have entered into an Egregious, highly Illegal, UnConstitutional, Conspiracy against me.

Rocco Michael Iannacchino
Lifelong Resident of The City of Glen Cove

Friday, March 7, 2014

Director Oliver Stone Removes My Blog Post On Facebook

First off, let me say how much I love Director Oliver Stone's work. Stone has been an inspiration to me ever since I first saw JFK. I remember my friend and I walking out of the movie theater - Speechless. We walked in that day having grown up believing the 'lone nut' assassin, Oswald did it alone theory. We walked out different that day. Forever changed. JFK taught me a very important lesson that day. Question Everything. Do your own Due Diligence. Don't believe anything anyone ever tells you. 

Instead of asking, research it yourself. 
To you, Oliver Stone, I apologize for posting my blog on your thread. I want you to know, I respect you immensely.

Above, as you can see the post I made.

 In the Screenshot Save above, I 'like' and comment on users posts.

A couple of minutes later, the "poster has removed post" appears. 

                                Above, is the new Oliver Stone 'Chavez' Post - Sans me.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Russian Reporter Reports On My Story - Breaks Out Into Laughter - From Red Square, Moscow, Russia

The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming!

A Russian Reporter Reports On My Story, Breaks Out Into Laughter.  From Red Square, Moscow, Russia. It's the thought that counts. God Bless Him! From Russia To Union Square With Love!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Raub Vs Iannacchino: A Tale Of Two "False Arrests"

Raub Vs Iannacchino: A Tale Of Two "False Arrests"

On August 8th, 2011, Rocco Iannacchino brought his wife and child to NYC to seek political asylum, but ended up going to a park to tell his story of being harassed by covert factions of the government.

He was arrested and sent to an insane asylum for 23 days.  He was dangerously misdiagnosed; dangerous life-threatening drugs administered, subjected to a Brain CT scan that had 500 times more radiation than a regular X-ray, and nearly broke his arm when a guard tackled him.  The arm did not break but turned completely black.  All for a free speech in a park. Or was it?

Towards the end of his arrest video, a man from the crowd yells out "diversion." The cameraman who had filmed the whole speech and arrest followed the action as this man ran down the street as "cops" chased after him. When the camera swung back to film the arrested man, he was gone.  

It is interesting to note that the next year, on August 16th, 2012, former decorated Marine, Brandon J. Raub, was "falsely arrested" for posting on Facebook; Raub wrote: "Sharpen my axe; I'm here to sever heads." Raub was brought to a mental ward, and was released only a few days later. Raub garnered media attention, a law firm to represent him, and a following on Facebook within hours of his arrest.

In no way Raub's case comes even close to what Mr. Iannacchino's horrific experience has been.

Compare Raub and Iannacchino: 
Raub has tremendous media attention.  Iannacchino zero media attention.  Raub has a law firm.  Iannacchino has tried in vain to get a law firm to represent a clearly illegal arrest for free speech and not being a "status 9.39", which this false-arrest video proves that Mr. Iannacchino was speaking in a park, and was "not a danger to himself or others." 

Raub supposedly wrote he wanted to "sever heads." Mr. Iannacchino never made any threats but feared for his families safety.  Raub has a Facebook following.  Mr. Iannacchino has no Facebook following.

Mr. Iannacchino suspects that this whole Raub event was planned and coordinated by military intelligence.  That Raub is in fact still working for the government, but now has moved on to the Intelligence sector.  

Mr. Iannacchino believes that Raub is being rewarded for his exemplary decorated military service, and has done like many young men that leave the military do - work for the civilian intelligence. 

Mr. Iannacchino also finds the date of Raub's "false arrest" intriguing; August 16th, 2012, as that is the date of Mr. Iannacchino's last date of employment with an employer he wishes not to name.  On that date, Mr. Iannacchino had become aware of a plot, he suspects, to have had him assassinated at his place of employment.  Most likely by way of a "heart attack."

Could this have been a symbolic gesture on the part of the military intelligence to have Raub have an eerily similar event that Mr. Iannacchino had had one year prior on August 8th, 2011? 

That was the date Mr. Iannacchino who was in fear of his life, brought his family to New York City to seek Political Asylum, but ended up at Union Square Park, where he gave a calm speech about his fear of a secret government wanting to kill him.  Mr. Iannacchino was falsely arrested as hundreds of New Yorkers watched on in condescending disbelief.

On August 16th, 2012, Raub is rewarded with lawyers, a lawsuit, media attention within hours of his "arrest." Mr. Iannacchino who got none of those things would on August 16th, 2012, receive a symbolic sacrifice of death.  Mr. Iannacchino is assassinated, but everyone will think it was natural - except for those in the know, that is. 

Mr. Iannacchino who was, at the time of his arrest, running 3 to 5 miles a day, a Vegan, happily married with child, an award-winning, Grammy-voting, filmmaker-musician with no history of mental illness whatsoever who had just completed his Master's Degree - was hauled off to a NYC Hospital where the nightmare and horror would go on for 23 days.  

"It was like being in an MK ULTRA Mind Control experiment," Mr Iannacchino said. 

Cops Don't Do "Diversions"

DoD definition of the word "diversion."
"The act of drawing the attention and forces of the enemy from the point of the principle operation; an attack, alarm, or feint that diverts attention. A change made in the prescribed route for operational or tactical reasons."

Towards the end of the arrest video, a man from the crowd yells out "diversion." The cameraman who had filmed the whole speech and arrest followed the action as this man ran down the street as "cops" chased after him. When the camera swung back to film the arrested man, he was gone.

Cops don't do "diversions"