Saturday, May 31, 2014

Has The Bilderberg Group Been Visiting my Blog?

Something rather intriguing came to mind after posting a Tweet on Twitter about the number of 'hits' I received on my blog from a certain part of the world. 
The Netherlands: I had never gotten any hits from this part of the world and immediately thought of Bilderberg.

From May 22 to May 29th I received 202 page hits to my blog from The Netherlands. 

After posting this Tweet to my Twitter, I did not receive not one more hit from The Netherlands.  That got me to ponder the thought..

Could some, possibly all of the 327 page hits I received from The Netherlands for the month of May have been from members of The Bilderberg Group?

The only way to truly know is to round up the Ip's of the individuals from The Netherlands and see if the Ip addresses land at the hotel and the surrounding areas where members of this secretive group are meeting.

Is it merely a coincidence that my blog would receive 327 page hits from The Netherlands this month, the month of May? This is the same month members of The Bilderberg Group are meeting in Holland. This month of all months. The only month I ever received page hits from The Netherlands.

Has my blog arisen the curiosity of princes and billionaires?

Is there a way to legally get the Ip addresses of The Netherlands page hits I received?  I'm sure there is an illegal way of doing it - but I would never condone such behavior, and wouldn't for a moment would want hackers to even consider such a cause.

I just find this rather intriguing.. 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Military-Style 'Diversion' Used In NYC False Arrest

Police Don't Do "Diversions"

DoD definition of the word "diversion."
"The act of drawing the attention and forces of the enemy from the point of the principle operation; an attack, alarm, or feint that diverts attention. A change made in the prescribed route for operational or tactical reasons."

Towards the end of my August 8th, 2011, Union Square Park, NYC, arrest video, a man from the crowd yells out "diversion." The cameraman who had filmed the whole speech and arrest followed the action as this man ran down the street as "cops" chased after him. Many bystanders chased after the man as well. Why? When the camera swung back to film me, the arrested man, I - we were gone. That's why.. 

The 'diversion' lasted less than 10 seconds. By the time the cameraman filmed to see what happened down the street, the farce was over. It was as if all those people who ran down the road dissipated and went on their own, just like marchers in a parade do when they get to the end of the parade. They all go their separate ways.

 I allege the Union Square Park Free Speech False Arrest that day, was completely being controlled by rogue factions of our government. Most likely connected to the CIA. All personnel that day lead me to suspect they were not who they portrayed themselves out to be.

There were just too many anomalies:

 1. 3 ambulances for 1 man. 
 2. A brigade of inept 'police' and 'EMT's' for 1 man. 
 3. A 'diversion.' 

Even though there were well over a thousand intrigued, concerned, New Yorkers, this story has still been censored by the most powerful entities. No lawyers will touch this. No reporters except me have reported any facet of my story (even though they are aware of it). I am quite confident in my suspicions that my situation constitutes as a conspiracy. 

Police don't do "diversions"

Monday, May 12, 2014

Union Square Park False Arrest Music Video (Slow Motion)

On August 8th, 2011, I gave a politically themed speech to well over a thousand people in Union Square Park. What happened next, must be seen to be believed. The music used for this video is Kyrie. Music was written, 
arranged, performed, produced by Rocco.

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Friday, May 2, 2014

Russian Reporter Breaks Out Into Laughter - Red Square, Moscow, Russia

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