Friday, March 28, 2014

a brilliant album
"An amazing CD! Very different from Rocco's first CD, which included one of my favorite songs, "Sand in My Shoes" (if only Sinatra were alive to record it!)This CD has a different vibe--more acoustic, mellower, haunting, moody, introspective. Cuts one and five are my favorites. I especially like to listen to this album late at night; it just fits the mood.
I am lucky: I heard about Rocco's music because I live on Long Island, where he has many fans. I hope the rest of the world gets to hear this. The term is overused, but Rocco possesses genius. Just listen to "Book of Days" if you don't believe me!"
The true colors shine as brightly as a man who cries at the sight of a beautiful
"Rocco seems like a really nice guy. He also seems like he would be a really romantic lover. His music, if played while gazing into the eyes of a love-struck lady, would for sure make her the instant object of his affection.
FOR A DAY, the second album from Long island's Romeo has all the appeal of the background music one would put on for a candlelit dinner, without all the new-age cheesiness. It's like a vacation in Tuscany, or a long walk on the beach, or a camp-out in the woods underneath the starry, starry sky ... you get the picture. Rocco is a romantinc, and there aren't a lot like him left in the world."
"From the first track BOOK OF DAYS, with the lovely harmonizing background chorals and subtle strings, to the slow and just plain pretty ending title track, the true colors shine as brightly as a man who cries at the sight of a beautiful sunny day. Rocco has this smooth and soul soothing voice which easily and seemlessly intermingles with jazz guitar, light percussion strings(think Elliott Smith, except less indie and less depressed). He skips along the album through spells of sadness (RAINY DAYS IN SALEM), love (THE CHAIR OUTSIDE YOUR WINDOW) and natural beauty (CRESCENT BEACH), never faltering or stopping to check his over-whelming emotions.
Rocco's lyrics are often a little cliche', but his vocals and guitar playing easily make up for it, if not distract and mesmerize, and can bring to the knees anyone who gives him an open heart."