Sunday, August 3, 2014

Presidential Flag Proves JFK Limo Made Complete Stop In Dealey Plaza

The official stance of the government is that President John F. Kennedy's limousine never stopped moving during the motorcade through Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963. In the most famous home movie of all time, The Zapruder film, shows President Kennedy's limo continuously in motion. However, Zapruder's film does not match up to what eyewitnesses had to say. In fact, 25 eyewitnesses that included Secret Servicemen, reporters, policeman, bystanders, say that JFK's limousine came to a complete stop. Who and what to believe? The Zapruder film or the 25 eyewitnesses? 

There happened to be another film taken that day that I believe has solved the mystery once and for all whether JFK's limo stopped or never stopped and kept going. That film is the Orville Nix film which was shot on the opposite side of Zapruder's film. A mirror image.

JFK's limousine had two flags on the front of the vehicle. The American flag on the right side and the Presidential flag which was on the left side of the limousine. The Nix film frame shows JFK taking the fatal head shot. Notice the Presidential flag. The flag is straight out in a forward position. This could only have happened if JFK's limousine made a complete stop. The law of inertia made the flag continue moving forward when the limo stopped. The limo came to a halt, and the wind blowing made the flag flap forward in the opposite direction. There is no other possible explanation. President John F. Kennedy's limousine made a complete stop. 

Ironically, it was the symbol of the presidency, the flag, proving a massive cover-up of epic proportions. And at the same time, confirming Zapruder's film is a brilliant albeit evil fabricated hoax. The Greatest Hoax of the 20th century.