Saturday, August 30, 2014

Digital Cellphone Evidence Supports Claims of Covert Gov't Sabotage

Video, Phone Records, Witness Testimony Proves an Outside Source Sabotaged my Wife and I from talking to each other at a critical moment which would have de-escalated the dangerous, violent police intervention that was to come.

On March 13, 2014, 3 important phone calls were placed by my home telephone and by my wife's cell phone.  At 12.33PM according to the Optimum Online Phone Record, I called my wife's cell phone (516)424-2391. She did not pick up the phone so I left a voice message. According to the Optimum Online Phone Record my wife called our home telephone (516)277-1910 at 12.39PM. According to her own statement: "The phone kept ringing and eventually silence was heard so I hung up." But the video footage that captured my wife's incoming phone call tells a different story. 

After a second or two I picked up the phone and said "hello." I go on to say, "She hung up." I allege an outside source disconnected us from reaching each other. The phone records for my wife's cell phone tell an entirely different story as well. The phone call she placed to our home was never documented on her cellphone Record Statement. The phone call in question appears on the Optimum Online Phone Record as a "Missed" call, but no record on my wife's call of her cell phone ever calling our home number. 

Odd. Strange.. According to the Optimum Online Phone Record I placed a call to my wife at 12:40PM. She did not pick up the phone and I left a message once again. My wife claims she never heard the phone ring this second time I called. And what is even more disturbing, is that on video it clearly shows me leaving a Second Voice Message. My wife only recalls getting the First Voice Message. But she does recall becoming 'distracted' by a man 'complaining' loudly inside the Glen Cove Police Station. This man 'complaining' I highly suspect was a diversion purposely set up to have my wife become 'distracted' and to take her mind off the phone. My wife claims she never shut her cell phone off either. 

This (tampering with the phones) I highly suspect was covert factions of our government making sure my wife and I did not speak to each other. Because if we would have been able to have spoken to each other during that very critical time, we both agree the situation would have been de-escalated, and the police would have been sent off on their merry way instead of kicking the shit out of me, and sending me to a hospital where I was forced to take dangerous mind altering drugs for 8 days.  But due to the interference by an outside source, we were not able to communicate with each other by phone. 

The Optimum Online Phone Record and my wife's cell phone records also do not match up with the same times/timeline the 3 calls were placed. And to add further confusion, the call my wife placed to our home phone number (516)277-1910 does not show up at all on her cell phone record. The "Missed" call should have appeared between the two calls I made to her cell phone. Only a covert faction could circumvent phone calls. Only a secret covert faction could pull off such an audacious and dubious task with or without the full cooperation of Corporate. Who disconnected our phone call?

Another discrepancy that should be analyzed further is that on my wife's cell phone record, the times of the 2 calls placed do not match up to the times placed on the Optimum Online Phone Record. On my wife's cell phone record the times of the calls are as follows: My first call placed to my wife's cell is at 12:34PM. On the Optimum Online Record the call was placed at 12:33PM. 

The second call was placed by my wife to our home phone number. The 'Missed' call appears at 12:39PM on the Optimum Online Record but no documentation of that call appears on my wife's cell phone record. The next call placed by me is at 12:44PM according to my wife's cell phone record. But on the Optimum Online Record the call was placed at 12:40PM.  The time records of the home phone and cell phone do not match up. 

The video evidence of the time placement of the 3 calls supports The Optimum Online Phone Record as being valid and unaltered. My wife's cell phone record does not at all match up with the Optimum Online Phone Record. My wife's cell phone record not only doesn't match up, but a crucial call that was "Missed" does not appear either. This video, witness, and phone record evidence strengthens the case that the calls were somehow intercepted, diverted, and ultimately sabotaged by an outside source that needed to get me in a hospital and to take drugs for an illness I obviously never had. 

This lends credence to my allegations that a conspiracy of secret covert factions of the government have been involved in my life for sometime now. For 2 months I had to receive rehab for my shoulder and I still have a scar from a puncture wound on my wrist. The system failed. The police who admitted on video that I was fine gave me a beating, I'm then brought to the hospital and forced to take dangerous mind altering medication that was never needed. I then spend 8 days in a hospital for an illness I did not have.  In essence, this is a case of the police and the hospital creating a 'mental illness' by proxy. Psychiatric confinement of sane people is a 
particularly pernicious form of repression.

On video my chilling prophesies came true. I told my dad and the police that harm and violence was going to come to me if I stepped out. And I also state on video that it wouldn't matter that I am not mentally ill, the hospital was going to keep me anyway and force drug me. All these prophesies sadly came true.

The officers demeanor, professionalism and actions must also be questioned. Why did one of the officers stick his tongue out at me? Why did the officers over and over again tell my father to go home, even though I begged my father not to leave fearing a beating? Possibly death? The beating would of never happened if my father had remained by my side. The officers used psychology on my father to get him to leave the area. 

The video camera drops as I comply with the yelling officer holding his gun to "GET DOWN ON THE GROUND." This was the same officer who a mere minute before was telling me I was "fine," "you'll be on your way." My first complaint of pain was when the heavy set officer decided to drop weight onto my left shoulder. Then, the officer who said that I was "fine," kneed my head and right shoulder into the ground. The squealing is due to the handcuffs being tightened to the brink of tightness. I then felt a hot puncture into my right wrist. I couldn't breathe and thought I was going to die. On the video we can hear the handcuffs tightening with each click. I counted 8 clicks. 

My wife has owned her cell phone for 8 years. In that time my wife and I have never had a phone call not get through. But on March 13, 2014 at the most critical time, 3 phone calls failed to reach the intended recipient.