Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Did I Discover A 'Bugging Device' In My Wall Clock?

Man Finds 'Bugging Device' in His Wall Clock

 An American citizen, for years has been complaining of illegal harassment and surveillance by covert factions.  Now, after 3 years of complaining, he suspects he has found the smoking gun.

Yep, it's me. I decided to test my theory of being illegally surveillance' by dismantling a clock I bought way back in February, 2011.  The clock was to be used in a scene in a movie I was producing.  The scene that the clock was in was subsequently not used in the final edit.

I bought the clock from a seller on Ebay.  The seller sold military items of interest.
The back of the clock had the words, "Good To Go 2-2-11"

The clock had since been displayed on the living room wall since that time in early 2011.  My wife used the clock to know how much time was left on her piano students time, as she is a piano teacher and the baby grand piano is in the living room.

When I began to dismantle the clock, my wife was most displeased.  She was actually quite pissed.

Fast forward to January 2014. While taking  apart my clock, I found a disturbing device, that by the looks of it seems to be a transmitter. I found what appears to be a copper wire coiled around a cardboard spool, near by to it, a tiny capacitor. I immediately suspected that I had been bugged - for years!

The device I found in the clock reminded me of the insides of the walkie talkies I played with as a child. 

I'm not a professional when it comes to such matters, but I suspect that the item in question is a bugging device. 

Am I 100% sure this is a bugging device? No. But I am 100% sure about everything else.