Friday, April 25, 2014

Did Police Use 'Mind Control' To Get Me Out Of My House?

4 police officers came to my door. They said they wanted me to step outside and talk to them. I asked them if I was being arrested, they said, 'no,' that they wanted to ask me some questions, "get my side of the story." I said that talking through my screen door was acceptable, and I would answer any questions they had. They insisted I step outside and discuss this, as I wasn't "being arrested."

Were the officers using Mind Control techniques while trying to  get me to leave the sanctuary of my house? To understand about mind control, please reference my blog articles: MK ULTRA Meets Operation ARTICHOKE: Was It Used On American? Did CIA Make Doctors Torture American?

The hand-face gesturing I encountered on this day by the officers is a technique of gaining "control" of a subject through sophisticated Mind Control techniques. I suspect, using hands to touch ones face is one of them. It's a form of hypnosis.

What would be the statistical probability that all of the officers would touch their faces so often in a 20 minute period of time?

My father, who was also present, never touched himself in the face, and neither did I during this encounter.

Did the officers really use "mind control" techniques on me?

Why, after debating the 4 officers for so long did I finally leave the safety of my house then? 

After about 20 minutes of this back and forth banter, after telling them to leave many, many times, I shut the door figuring they would leave. I went out my back door on my property, and was surprised by an officer running, yelling, holding his hand to his gun, "Get down on the ground." I did what the officer said and was kneed in the head and pinned with my arm by 3 policeman. The 4th policeman was keeping my father away from the takedown, I'm assuming so he couldn't see the brutality. My father is 82 years old, and on a few occasions, these officers tried to lure my father from my front door, as I protested this wanting my father to stay with me. 

On the ground, I had the full force of three men pressing me into the mud, and could not catch my breath. I couldn't breathe and thought they were going to kill me. An EMT then came over and injected something into my wrist while I was on my belly in handcuffs. I felt the searing heat of a needle being jabbed into me. I squealed due to the pain. I also asked him "did you just inject me with a needle?" 

I have the whole event on video tape and the false arrest I have audio as the video camera was knocked from my hands. What are the laws of asking police officers to leave your property if you are not being arrested? I showed them I had no weapons. Once I had been in handcuffs I was searched and had no weapons or anything illegal.. They brutally took me down on the ground and hurt my left shoulder as I still do not have total mobility as my right shoulder.. 

I spent 8 days in a mental hospital for a misunderstanding. I had to take dangerous drugs for 8 days. I still do not know what they injected into me while I lay handcuffed on the ground. I have pictures of my injuries to my wrist and scar on my wrist that has resulted from March 13, 2014.

This picture of my wound was taken at Easter, over one month after the incident.