Monday, November 3, 2014

The Point Of No Return.. My Wife Thinks I'm Jesus! OMG! WTF?

Ever since Filmmaker-Musician Rocco, heard the news from his wife, that Astronomer David Reneke, pinpointed the exact birth date of Jesus Christ to June 17 - Rocco's birthday, his wife has believed Rocco is Jesus. 

As you can imagine this has caused some awkward moments in their marriage. 
Rocco goes on to say: "My wife keeps badgering me to contact the pope to tell him.. Can you believe it? My wife thinks I'm Jesus.. Oh My God!"

Rocco's wife, Tori, had this to say: "Not only the birthday is the same but what Rocco isn't telling you is that he has performed miracles."

Tori, Rocco's wife, claims that some years ago that Rocco lightly touched a drinking glass in the sink and the glass exploded into a thousand perfectly formed pieces. 

Tori: "We were eating dinner and Rocco went to the sink, and ever so gently touched a glass with the tip of his index finger. As soon as he touched the glass it exploded." 

Filmmaker, Rocco, has been waging a one-sided Twitter War with Astronomer David Reneke. Rocco feels that his marriage has been ruined because his wife got the idea that Rocco's - Jesus, From Reneke's Astronoming Jesus True Birthdate Discovery. Rocco uses song lyrics in his Twitter Feud against the Astronomer. Rocco chose the lyrics from David Bowie's 'Space Oddity,' with photos from Rocco's movie, KYRIE.

Rocco has also just released a music video: Watching The Wheels

Rocco: "I dedicate this music video to my astral son, Astronomer David Reneke, for telling the world my secret! I forgive him!"

Rocco was so taken aback by the whole Jesus thing that Rocco made a music video of David Bowie's Space Oddity..

Rocco: "My thanks go out to Reneke.. I couldn't of done it without him!"