Tuesday, November 4, 2014



The Man Directly Center (Black Hair, Sunglasses) In Front Of The Ambulance: Is This 'Missing' Robert Mayer?

From the beginning of when family man, Robert Mayer, went missing, Filmmaker-Musician Rocco, reassured his grieving wife that Robert would one day return home to his family. Robert went missing on Father's Day, June 14, 2013, never to be seen again. Rocco found out through his wife's FaceBook account. Rocco felt a very strong supernatural connection to Robert Mayer from the beginning. Rocco and his wife, Tori, hung up 'MISSING' Robert Mayer posters. 

Rocco told his wife when first hearing of Robert's disappearance, that Rocco's family and Robert's family shared a bond. Tori didn't know what to make of Rocco's assertion. But lo and behold, that on February 17th, 2014, it would be discovered that Robert Mayer and Rocco's daughter, Angelica, shared a birthday. Not only that; Rocco and Robert are the same age. Both attractive, they both share the initials 'RM.' Robert Mayer - Rocco Michael. Both Robert and Rocco like to wear pink shirts as well. 

On August 8, 2011, Rocco was arrested in NYC at Union Square Park for giving a 'Free Speech.' The intriguing aspect of this is that Rocco felt Robert's spirit that day before ever meeting him! When Rocco told his wife this information of feeling the presence of a man that fit Robert's description, looking over Rocco at Union Square Park while being persecuted, The Day They Learned Of Robert's Disappearance, Tori blew it off. 

It was just 6 months after this conversation between wife and husband that Rocco's arrest video surfaced. Rocco turned his pain and sorrow into art by transforming his arrest video into an artful music video entitled: SAND IN MY SHOES.  In the first few seconds of the music video, a man with an eerily striking resemblance to 'MISSING' Robert Mayer is seen acting mysteriously unlike anyone of the hundreds of New Yorkers watching Rocco's fate that day... Rocco believes that his prediction was fulfilled. The FBI could verify whether this POI is 'MISSING' Robert Mayer with their Facial Recognition Technology. Look at the pictures and music video. You be the judge. We believe it to be conclusive proof that 'MISSING' Robert Mayer was at Rocco's Union Square Park 'Free Speech-Arrest' FIASCO on August 8, 2011.

Rocco: "I assured Ida Mayer, Robert's wife, that Robert is ALIVE AND WELL, and will one day return home to his family. I have prayed for Robert's safe return everyday since he went 'missing.' GOD BLESS ROBERT! I love him very much! It's time to come home Robert. This Will Come To Be!"

Actor Bill Lee Loscalzo Starring In Rocco's movie, KYRIE (2014) Pagliacci Records & Films

Actor Bill Lee Loscalzo

There's one more mysterious; one could call miraculous piece to this prophetic jigsaw puzzle. It was the year 2010, that Rocco chose the lead actor for his movie, KYRIE. 

Actor Bill Lee loscalzo & Filmmaker-Musician Rocco Goof around after shooting one of the scenes in the movie, KYRIE.

Actor Bill Lee Loscalzo in the middle shaking Rocco's hand. This picture was taken on June 14, 2010 - 3 years to the day Robert Mayer went missing..

Actors: Rocco, Angelica, Francis Leik, Dan Kaplan, Bill Loscalzo

Rocco: "I chose the actor, Bill Lee Loscalzo, because of his strong resemblance to 'Missing' Robert Mayer, whom a year after (2011) filming would be present at my NYC arrest, and then two years from that would go missing in 2013. There is another reason why I chose Bill Lee Loscalzo.. To show how 'MISSING' Robert Mayer will live into his 60's and beyond (as actor Bill Lee Loscalzo is a good twenty years older than Robert) My 4 stage Prophesy will be completed when Robert returns home. And By God He Will!"

Actor Bill Lee Loscalzo lives in Dix Hills, New York... Robert Mayer is also from Dix Hills..