Monday, November 10, 2014

I AM A SUPERNATURAL BEING: Sorry To Be The Bearer Of Weird News..

I am a Supernatural Being.. Yep, it's true. Supernatural Beings are rare. Just a handful or two in the whole world.. Extremely rare.. There are three types of SuperNatural Beings. I'm going to explain them in a way that you can understand and comprehend the information I am presenting. The names I give these Supernatural Beings is of no consequence. These are the names I chose to divulge them to you, my audience. Now that we've got that taken care of, let me explain.. There are the Shape-Shifters who are overseen by The Elders, in turn are controlled and guided by The Watchers. I fall under the category of Shape-Shifter.

Through the course of time, we have roamed the corners of the earth. Shape-Shifters are able to live on AD INFINITUM, which is the Latin word to 'live forevermore,' by the supernatural event of 'Becoming One' with another. It could happen before a Shape-Shifters life has even begun as we know it. Shape-Shifters are also able to do supernatural events. One could call them Miracles. Jesus was a Shape-Shifter. I also want to make perfectly clear. I am not Jesus, or have I ever been 'Jesus.' One thing I will tell you, is that Jesus Was, Is and Always will be the Son of God. 

Sometimes Shape-Shifters piss off The Watchers, and in turn, The Watchers send The Elders to teach the Shape-Shifters a lesson. Sometimes the lesson ends in death. Sometimes it doesn't and leads to beautiful, miraculous splendor. It is up to The Watchers to decide upon which fate a sinning Shape-Shifter will receive. During this period that I will call the time spent; In The Wilderness, The Trials & Tribulations.

This is exactly what has happened to me in the last three years. I have gone through The Wilderness, The Trials & Tribulations of my Supernatural existence.. 
It was August 8, 2011. I was being attacked by The Elders in my town where I reside with my family. These attacks were Supernatural. Non-lethal.. but nevertheless, terrifying. I decided to go to NYC at Union Square Park to tell the citizens of the world that I was being persecuted. Logic should tell one that if I told the New Yorkers what I just told you, I'd have lost the crowd in a heart beat. I used 'Coded Language' to keep my audience intrigued by my story without having to reveal that the true culprits (who were all around me at Union Square Park) were Supernatural Beings ready to do me in. Don't you think telling my audience that a 'secret government within a government' is more believable than 'Shape-Shifters controlled by The Elders, who are in turn guided by The Watchers' were the true ones fucking with me? If I would have said the truth, I would of lost 'em. 

As soon as I mentioned  what I refer to as 'Coded Language,' that a 'government within a government was trying to kill me' - That is when the Elders sent the Shape-Shifters to 'handle' me. These Supernatural Beings are non-existing. There is no rational explanation for this event other than to say that it was one in a long line of Supernatural events throughout our history - The History of the World. These Supernatural events have been happening since the beginning of time. 

I am from a long list of Supernatural Beings that have come to pass. The first time I ever came into being was as Julius Caesar. There is also a lineage of the same events happening from one Supernatural 'Becomes One' with another. Similar situations through my many lives have plagued me. 

Caesar (ME) was done in by his (MY) own members of parliament. In my present life, I was almost done in by a similar group that professed to calling themselves: 'friends.'

I wrote and recorded a song about the bullshit entitled, 'Friends' from my brand new KYRIE album. KYRIE: THE MIRACULOUS ALBUM by ROCCO- BUY IT HERE!

St. Rocco: Not only do I share a name with the saint, but similar fates almost befell us both if not for the interference from The Watchers. Let me explain.. St. Rocco died on August 16. 

It would be a date that would haunt me for all eternity; As it was on August 16, 2012, that I was working in a place I do not wish to disclose, and I found myself surrounded by Shape-Shifters, as The Elders were watching from above. On that day, I am convinced that I would have had my Supernatural life taken from me if it hadn't been for my proverbial Guardian Angel.

The Watchers always can go both ways. It cuts even.. They take action on both sides of the coin. The Watchers who were overseeing the drama that was about to unfold, interceded on my behalf and guided me like a water-seeking radar the hell out of there, and back into the safety of my own domain. 

Galileo Galilei: As would happen in my current life; I was labeled a 'lunatic,' and thrown to the gallows for some time. Galileo Galilei had a similar fate befall him as well, when the church labeled the Genius, A 'lunatic.' 

Nostradamus: I liked being him. Intriguing life to say the least.. I have made outlandish prophesies as did Nostradamus, that have come true. Let's roll the dice and see what happens.. 

William Shakespeare: The inherent streak of drama in my life comes straight from my former life as The Great Dramatist: William Shakespeare.. I was regarded as the greatest 'Writer of All Time.' 

Claudio Monteverdi: My greatest passion in life is in the creation of Art. It does't matter what idiom it appears as.. Singing, playing musical instruments, writing poetry, dancing, filmmaking, music recording, whatever it is, I'm there. I got my musical start in the 16th century. I was also a priest. Being Monteverdi was cool. 

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Yes, Mozart was a Supernatural Being. Mozart's (MY) life was indirectly cut short by jealous Shape-Shifters. 

Napoleon Bonaparte: Yes, I too was Napoleon. In my current life, there were times that I once again became Napoleon, in order to strategize a current situation that I found myself in. 

Charlie Chaplin: I was a comedic Genius..

Houdini! The Greatest Escape Artist. I died on Halloween because some jackass kid punched me while in my dressing room, in the gut, when I wasn't looking.. Stupid fuck.

General Patton & General Erwin Rommel At The Same Time: I liked being Patton. Patton (I) conquered his (MY) fears and was in essence 'Fearless'. I - in my current life owe my fearlessness to the Great Patton. Rommel (The Desert Fox) was also an interesting person to be. Did you know that Patton and Rommel respected each other? My two favorite Generals of all time. What a pair! 

Rommel (I) did not like what Hitler had done to Germany and knew of a plot to assassinate Hitler. Rommel (I) never killed civilians, Jews ect,. On the contrary; Rommel (I) would disobey orders from above that had wanted to kill all civilians- Rommel's (MY) army came confronted with. The Shape-Shifters interfered and landed me in hot water with The Fuhrer. I was given a choice. I chose Death by my own hand. I was given a capsule to swallow. That was the end for me. But I would soon take the shape of another and 'Become One.' When I was Patton, disaster struck as well, as once again the Shape-Shifters came in assuming the bodies of others, and it would come to pass that I, Patton, would be run over by my own jeep. As soon as I died here I jumped into the Light Fantastic, and 'Became One' with another. 

Buddy Holly: When I died in that plane crash, I jumped ship and entered a new life form, as I 'Became One' once again.. With another..

Jim Morrison: That was fun. 

Here I channel Jim Morrison himself on the classic, Touch Me.

Elvis Presley: The day Elvis (I) died, August 16.. The same day you may recall me telling you earlier in this expose' that I had died as St. Rocco on August 16.. The Shape-Shifters on August 16, 2011 at my place of employment, were going to assassinate me, in order to do it in 'threes,' essentially for a 'Trifecta.' Back to the story.. it was 1977. In my current form, I was in Canada with my family on vacation. Before hearing the news that Elvis had died, I had spent the morning on the toilet, very sick, vomiting, not feeling at all well. Dizzy, sweating, you name it, that was me. At that moment in the bathroom, the spirit of Elvis (Who I was concurrently with in my present form) died. That is when the complete spirit of Elvis, solidified into my being. 

Here I am channeling Elvis on Suspicious Minds. 

John Lennon: All I can remember is crying for hours after hearing what had happened. I just remember being in my bedroom, all alone, under the covers crying, and my non-mourning sister walking in and saying: 'The Beatles were weird.. just like you.' She just didn't get it. She never did.. 

This is me while Shape-Shifting into John Lennon during a video taped performance.
Roy Orbison: Elvis thought I had the best voice in Pop music. Elvis wasn't too bad himself.. 

Me channeling Roy Orbison on the classic - Crying 

All  of these lives that I have lived through can be called into being at a moments calling. I have used all of these past lives to help me in every facet of my current life. Whether it be a strategic endeavor, or a musical one, or a call for the dramatic; I am able to conjure in seconds flat whatever is needed to attain a desired effect.

Enrico Caruso: My company name is Pagliacci Records & Films. As Caruso, I sang the greatest operatic arias of all time. My favorite being Vesti La Giubba from LeonCavallo's 'I Pagliacci' which in English translates to 'Actor.' In my current being, I've also sung lead in full length operas.

Mahatma Ghandi: Being Ghandi in a past life has helped me to view the world through a different lens. Especially when dealing with hostile spirits and folk. My mantra has always been 'Passive Resistance.' 

Martin Luther King: I call on Martin at times when having to choose between peaceful means of dissent and the latter, violent means. I've always chose 'peaceful means.' That's Martin Luther King working through me. 

President John F. Kennedy: Being Kennedy was a TRIP and a Half. The lifestyle, the chicks, it was a never ending good time, until the Shape-Shifters got together in a macabre cabal and took me out. It wasn't the CIA or factions related to there of… Not the Russians or the Cubans. This shit was Supernatural. It was a Supernatural event in our history. That is why it is so convoluted. It is a Riddle Wrapped Inside of a Jigsaw Puzzle disguised as an Enigma.

President Richard Nixon: WaterGate went down on my birthday - June 17, 1972. I resigned the presidency on August 8, 1974. In my current life on August 8, 2011, I resigned from my current life at the Battle of Union Square Park. Nixon (Me) had had two attempts on my life. In my current life, Shape-Shifters attempted to assassinate me, not once, but twice, like Nixon.

Marlon Brando: I call Brando into being when I need the courage to deliver a dramatic treat unlike no other. Brando was always there for me then, when I was him, and now, whenever I need him by me.


Marilyn Monroe: That was weird. 

John Belushi: It was fun being John, except when the drugs came into play. I call on John anytime I want to make someone laugh. Works every-time. 

Paul Lynde: For the laughs, that's it..

Steve McQueen: I loved being Steve. I call Steve into being anytime I am trying to outrun law enforcement on the streets by car, on foot or scooter. I've conjured up Steve in other ways too, but this will suffice for these intensive purposes. 

Frank Sinatra: When I was Frank, nobody could beat me. I'm Frank anytime I sing one of my(his) signature songs.

Me channeling Frank on New York New York.. And I also snuck in an original entitled: SAND IN MY SHOES off my debut album: A WALK WITH ROCCO

DJango Reinhardt: For the guitar virtuosic playing I'll call into being when I need it! 
Back in 1973, when I made my first sojourn to my ancestral grounds of Italy, I had gotten into a fight with my sister. I ran away. I spent hours wondering the country side at a mere 5 years young. It was Django (I) who led me to the Gypsy Caravan. The Romany Gypsies were the kindest, warmest people you could ever hope to find on such a traumatically frightening time spent wondering around aimlessly for what seemed like a full day into evening. The Gypsies fed me. I, in turn, entertained them. They'd ask me questions in Italian, such as; How do you say 'door' in English. I answered in the English curse words I knew at the time. They caught on when I used the 'F' word - Fuck. For some reason that word is universally understood by all languages..

At that point they sent me on my merry way.. But I would soon be wondering the countryside once more, before the spirit of my Italian grandfather of mine led me to the very cemetary he was buried in.. Rocco, my grandfather, guided me to his grave. Imagine seeing a tombstone at five years old with your name on it? It was an 'oh shit!' moment. Frighteningly AWKWARD. I stayed there and felt a calm come over me, though. Within an hour or so, the police found me at the cemetary. I'll never forget walking into the town of Sturno, as the hundreds of piasono's who went looking for me, applauding and cheering when they got a glimpse of me.. I never forgot that sound. Still love it to this day. Nothing better, than maybe a beer.. These good town folk, all so happy because i was found.. Alive. These were good people. Wrote a song about it. It's called 'Book Of Days,' off my second album, For A Day.

Babe Ruth: I loved to hit those home runs. The closest thing I can think of to orgasming was hitting home runs in Yankee Stadium. I had a HUGE appetite, and loved hot dogs.. Basically any kind of food would do. And LOTS of BEER and CIGARS! Women Galore! 

Alfred Hitchcock & Cary Grant: I was both of them at the same time. AWKWARD. I enjoyed coming to Glen Cove to direct and star in 'North By Northwest.' It was filmed at a mansion just a few hundred feet from where I have lived the past 46 years in my current life. The best scene is when I (Cary) am kidnapped from the United Nations, and end up in Glen Cove (where I have lived all of my present life days..) Cary (I) was asked a question by a reporter: What's it like being Cary Grant? Cary (I) answered I wish I knew! What I didn't tell the reporter was That I knew EXACTLY what it felt like to be Cary Grant.

When I directed my movie, KYRIE: I called on my former life, Alfred Hitchcock, to lend me a hand. And did I ever! 

Johnny Carson 'JC' : I liked being Johnny. I was so funny and witty! Everybody loved me. I couldn't lose.

Orson Welles: The ability to confuse audiences en masse may have first become obvious as a result of one of the most infamous 'mistakes' in history. It happened the day before Halloween, on Oct. 30, 1938, when millions of Americans tuned in to a popular radio program that featured plays directed by, and often starring, Me (I) Orson Welles. Can someone say, or should I say, is it safe to say, 'De Ja Vu?' History repeating itself?

George Burns: Imagine me? How much of a thrill, to 'play' God in the 'Oh God' movies. That was the easiest piece of acting I ever did.. eyes closed I might add...


John Cazale 'JC' : I starred in 5 movies only in my short career, but I have the distinct honor of being the only one ever to have appeared in 5 Oscar winning movies of the year. I was one of the best actors of all time.

Johnny Cash 'JC' : I was Johnny recently when speaking to a dear old friend. 

Andre The Giant: I couldn't get drunk if I tried. Imagine having to drink 50 beers in one sitting and hardly getting a buzz? It's true, it happened to me.. 

Laurel & Hardy: Fun times for sure..
Channeling 'Laurel & Hardy'

Harpo: I could speak. I did that (MUTE) so I could create a unique comedic experience without ever speaking. Adapting to the loss of the voice,' creates opportunities that could not have been if I had 'talked.' 

Curly: There was nobody around at the time that was funnier than me. I should have been paid more money.. Sadly, I, as Curly, would end up in a mental asylum. This happened to me in my current life as well... 3 times.. Can you believe it? Me, of all people. SHEESH! 

Andy Gibb: Loved being Andy. Andy (ME) had three great albums.. In my current life, I have three great albums.. The drugs were a downer, as back then, and at times in my current past life I've dabbled, and it cost me. Cocaine was Andy's kryptonite, as it was for me.. 

Me channeling Andy on I Just Want To Be Your Everything

Nick Drake: I loved being sensitive at the time. I was an unknown and had three great yet commercially unsuccessful albums. In my current life; What a coincidence! I am an unknown, I have three great but commercially unsuccessful albums. An interesting tidbit to chew on.. My second album in my current life, FOR A DAY was me in a past life creating the acoustic guitar parts and singing - I was NIck Drake. Nick (I) recorded the Pink Moon album on Halloween. I recorded my FOR A DAY album on Halloween. Nick (I) recorded just 31 songs to his credit. I in my current existence have recorded just 31 songs as well..

FOR A DAY: The Album by ROCCO on *ITUNES*

I want you all to know that there are some living famous Supernatural Beings. However, I will never divulge such information. I'll tell you this: There are 6 Supernatural beings that I know of (whether they know it or not) and that's as far as I'll go. 

I've also had three magical creatures in my life, all of whom were born on Halloween. My first dog, Billy, my second dog, Lupi, and my cat, who still harasses me for food all the time, Sylvester Salem.

I'm the guy on the left. 250 pounds of pure musical blubber..

By the time this picture was taken I had eaten a 17 course meal at the Portugal Haunt - Rodizio.

One last thing. As a Shape-Shifter I am able to change my body at will. Fat to in shape in hours. Here are some pictures of me both 'fat' and in 'shape.' I had to be both for specific reasons I am not at liberty to reveal. 

The only reason why I have been telling you this story is because back in 2008 when Astronomer David Reneke, revealed to the world that he had discovered Jesus' true birthdate to that of June 17 and not December 25th, my life has been difficult to say the least.. The Watchers from the beginning of time knew that I was a Special Being.. but once Astronomer Reneke's Jesus discovery happened, and The Watchers knew my birthday to be June 17 - All Hell Broke Loose. Imagine for a moment if you will, that your own wife believing you are Jesus. WTF? OMG! AWKWARD


Rocco's Wife Confronts Rocco about being Jesus. EPIC!

So anyways, I made this music video: Space Oddity in dedication to Astronomer Extraordinaire Dave Reneke, for exposing my family jewels.

You see, the Shape-Shifters were alerted (Astronomer Reneke's 'June 17th' Jesus' True-Birth-Date-Discovery) by the Elders who in turn were told by The Watchers, that one specific Shape-Shifter (ME) may be Jesus Christ (Becoming One). My Birthday is June 17.. This is why in the last three years my life at times had taken a turn for the worst. The Shape-Shifters came at me heavy. I wrote this article in the hopes that The Watchers would now realize that I couldn't possibly be Jesus Christ.

I made a movie about my future time spent: In The Wilderness, The Trials & Tribulations that I would one day go through in my real life.. The name of the movie is entitled: KYRIE - which is the Latin word for LORD.

Here is my music video within the movie, KYRIE: The song is called FOR A DAY..
A prediction that I made in my song, For A Day, came true two years from the day I wrote the lyrics. The song was recorded on Halloween 2003.

Kyrie Actress Angelica, in a photo with The Legendary Gene Wilder.

The prophetic lyrics: "She laughed and played, while I drove my eyes never strayed from the road that paved my way... For A Day."

Prophetic translation: I was talking about my baby daughter we would conceive and have two years into the future; Angelica's February 17, 2005 birthdate.
The lyrics of For A Day were written on February 17, 2003..

My New Album is entitled: KYRIE

KYRIE: The Album by ROCCO

Oh yes, I almost forgot to mention..THE BEATLES released a movie entitled: HELP! However, this was not the original title.. The original title was "Eight Arms To Hold You." A rather intriguing coincidence? Or maybe it just might be SYNCRONICITY... That I, too, would make a movie; Entitled: KYRIE... However, this was not the original title.. It was called in its embrionic state, "Driven To Kill... Again!" On August 8, 2011, I went into the city to promote my new movie, KYRIE. Before being hauled off to the Insane asylum, there were literally - EIGHT ARMS TO HOLD (ME)...

I never had any beef with the CIA or any other 'secret government within a government.' I had to use 'Coded Language' whenever I mentioned 'CIA' or 'Secret Gov't' in any context.. This was my way of getting the public to know about it, but not letting on to the Shape-Shifters, Elders and The Watchers that I knew it was THEY And NOT The CIA who had been harassing me, torturing me, and making my life a living miserable hell. I suffered for years, but as I, (Nixon) once said, "With suffering comes great wisdom and understanding."

I just want to set the records straight. My country has been good to me my whole life. Provided for my family when the chips were down. They've always been there in one way or another. I take this opportunity to apologize to the CIA and my government for using their good name in a 'Coded Language' against my true enemies - The Shape-Shifters, who are controlled by The Elders, whom in turn are harnessed by The Watchers. I, in all truthfulness, respect and wish I worked for them (CIA).

I'm just Rocco. I'm a freak of nature. I can't help it.. I'm Supernatural.