Sunday, April 6, 2014

Kyrie Cast Member: Daniel Kaplan - Get Well Soon!

This picture is from the 2006 Long Island Film Festival that featured my first movie, "Rocco at Cedarmere." Dan Kaplan, who is in the picture, next to me, was also in the movie that had him reciting an original poem of his. We are standing in front of then Glen Cove Movie Theater. From left to right: me, Dan Kaplan (whom I wish a speedy recovery as he is recuperating) Louie Bianconi and not sure of the last guy. Dan Kaplan starred in my movie, Kyrie. Dan was a pleasure to work with. Dan went far and beyond the call in helping to make my movie. Some of you may know Dan from Starbucks in GC, as that is his favorite place to drink coffee, read the NYT, and chat with customers. Hoping Dan is feeling better. By the way, it was Dan who literally saved my movie when Dan not only played his character in the last thrilling scene, but also played the other part of the bad guy in costume when the lead actor could not make it to make the scene. So it was Dan's character shooting himself (the bad guy) in the last scene. Great Scene, Great Actor. Below, some picture stills from the movie, Kyrie, featuring Daniel Kaplan.