Saturday, September 13, 2014

Zapruder film depicting Mary Moorman & Jean Hill doesn't match Muchmore film.

 Notice how close Mary and Jean are standing to each other in the Muchmore film frame. In the Zapruder film frame, pictured below, they are much further apart.

 Notice in the Muchmore frame, Mary's coat is practically touching Jean's coat. In the Zapruder frame, Mary's coat is very far away from Jean's coat.

Notice the shadows in the Zapruder frame. There is a big shadow for Mary's figure. 

However, in the Muchmore frame this shadow is completely missing.

 Jean's coat (red)  in the Muchmore film is a different color than Jean's coat (pink) in the Zapruder film frame.

 In the Zapruder frame, Mary is much more (no pun intended) on the grass further back. On the Muchmore frame, Mary is on the edge of the grass, curb and street.

 Lastly, on the Muchmore frame, Mary and Jean are seen side by side. However on the Zapruder frame Mary is further apart from Jean and appears further back (more on the grass) than Jean. 

I had the honor and was fortunate enough to be told first hand of the account by The Mary Moorman herself. This is what Mary told me.

Mary Moorman Krahmer: I stepped into the street to take two photos of officers. This was before the motorcade. As the motorcade approached I was on the curb and on the grass.