Thursday, July 10, 2014

Giving a Free Speech in NYC Cost me a 23 day 'visit' to an Insane Asylum

Is This As Close As We'll Get To A Modern Day 'Zapruder-JFK' Film?

I was admitted to Bellevue on a '9.39 Status' - 'a danger to himself or others'.  Where in the video am I 'a danger to myself or others'? Pay particularly close attention to the inept 'police,' 'EMT's', the three ambulances present for one man, and the 'Military-Style 'Diversion' at the end of the video. Ask yourself these questions: 

1. Why is there such a strong response to one person speaking in front of a crowd?

2. The heavy set 'policeman' in the blue shirt often talks to his shoulder. Why would he need to speak to anybody about what should have been a simple event? Why does he even have such a sophisticated communication system? Does this man have a 'hearing aid' in his ear relaying orders?

3. Have you ever seen police ever have such a hard time putting on a pair of handcuffs? Did you notice it took 3 'police' and 1 'EMT' to finally get the cuffs on? Why didn't the 'police' drop me to the ground and slap on the handcuffs - which would be standard procedure? Does it appear to you that this looks to either being agents posing as police or it's the first day 'on the job' for all present?

4. Did you notice that after the 'cops' got the cuffs on they did not immediately walk me over to the ambulance? What were they waiting for?  Maybe a 'Diversion' in the street to distract?

5. Have you ever in your life seen a group of people chase after a man on the street for yelling out 'Diversion'?

6. Did you catch the 'cop' running down the street holding his hat? Wasn't it funny?

7. Why would all those people.. at least 30 of them run down the street?

8. Did you notice that the 'diversionary farce' was over in ten seconds?

9. Have you ever in your life seen anything as strange as this video? Are you wondering why you've never seen it anywhere else before? Are you surprised the media hasn't exploited it?

Watch it now in slow motion. 'Diversion' In NYC - Music by Rocco