Sunday, January 25, 2015

Rocco Prophesy Comes True 10 Years After It Was Written!

This is the ticket for my 2005, 'Rocco At Cedarmere' party/concert that I had filmed in a Cinema Verite' kind of way; On the ticket it states: "Rocco performs his greatest songs spanning three albums." At the time, I had just released my second album, For A Day - that's what the CD release party/concert filmed was for. I made a prophesy to myself, in 2005, that I would in fact make a third studio album (Kyrie 2015) and I wrote it on the ticket (2005), that now has come to be true in 2015..I had been recording my new album, Kyrie, since 2005! But, it's official now, that this ticket, I had printed for my concert, had a prophesy within it, that has now come to be true. I now have three studio albums. The songs that special evening of October 22, 2005 - did indeed have songs from all three albums - A Walk With Rocco (2003) For A Day (2006) Kyrie (2015) It's just that in 2005, there was no tangible Kyrie studio album. It was only on paper..