Sunday, August 16, 2015

'Citizen Kane's' "Rosebud' True Meaning Revealed!

I suspect; The meaning of 'Rosebud' has two meanings: One meaning to the filmmaker, Orson Welles, and the other, to the originator, by God, who put the thought into Welles mind. God was using a 'coded language'.. The reference God is making began at the Battle of Rosebud Creek, June 17, 1876... The date, 6-17, is the birthday of a future filmmaker-musician.. God was using Orson Welles as a conduit, unbeknownst to Welles; 'Rosebud'- for the arrival of a filmmaker-musician, who would like Welles before, self-produce his debut feature; a 'mockumentary' of sorts. The glass ball with the snowy house also has a connection to this future filmmaker.. In the house that he grew up in, there was a painting that hung on the wall.. This filmmaker, like Welles' character, would look to this painting and dream of days past as did Kane with the sled and glass ball. Most intriguing of all is that this future filmmaker kept with him since a child, a toy Santa Claus, that has an eerily similar face likeness to Orson Welles himself! This filmmaker, like the character Kane, has held onto this toy, like Kane did in the movie with his 'Rosebud' sled..

Here is a side by side of the snow covered house that is part of a larger picture, that has hung in my parents house since I was a baby, and the glass snow ball house from the film, Citizen Kane.